At Ming Auto Body we have helped hundreds of customers repair their car, whether it was fixing minor body scratches and dents or a major collision damage. In either case we make the process easier, repairing your vehicle to its original state prior to the collision. We work with you and the insurance company making the process as stress free as possible to restore the appearance and safety of your vehicle.

As a full service auto repair shop, we have an extensive background in repairing foreign and domestic vehicles involved in a collision. We also fix any mechanical problems that were caused by the accident making sure your vehicle runs safely and properly.

Our vehicle repair and paint process.

Damage Examination:
A thorough damage examination is conducted on your vehicle; this involves looking for secondary damage caused by the inertia of the collision/ impact. We look for signs of impacted doors jams, body panel misalignment, glass and buckles on the roof or other body paneling of the vehicle. We then visually inspect the main impact area to determine the full extent of damage.

Damage Disassembly:
After the examination of the vehicle damage, the process of disassembling the damaged area of the vehicle is carefully undertaken. We catalog each item, making note of the damaged items to be replaced and further examining items to be repaired.

Part Verification and Ordering:
In order to make the repair process efficient and uninterrupted, we carefully cross reference information about the car parts of the damaged area. We used the Vehicle Identification Number to obtain information about the production date, trim code, color code before ordering original replacement parts.

Frame Straightening and Repair:
If the car has sustained heavy damage from a collision, our technicians will analyze the vehicle frame. Our technicians’ use a laser measuring system to gauge and determine the frame corrections needed. We then make the necessary corrections to align the vehicle frame back to the manufactures specifications. This is essential in restoring your vehicle to its original state, as well as the overall fit and finish of reattaching the new replacement parts.

Vehicle Reassembly:
Prior to reassembly, the new car parts are prepped and then painted separately before being reassemble onto the car. Once the parts have been painted the technician will install each part in the correct order restoring the safety and beauty of your vehicle.

Painting Process:
We use only the highest quality of polyurethane paint which is baked in a down draft booth. We bake the vehicle for thirty minutes at 160 degrees curing the paint to ensure an ultra hard finish. During the whole process we continually do quality checks to ensure nothing is missed or over looked.

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