At Ming Auto we specialize in repairing Foreign and Domestic cars from all vehicle manufactures. Whether you car is a late model or new, depend on us to repair your vehicle and perform all the necessary maintenance work to restore your vehicle performance. Our service technicians have many years of experience repairing all makes and models of vehicles. We use genuine OEM parts to repair your vehicle, unless instructed to use other Manufacturer Approved Parts to fit within your budget.

General Maintenance & Repair Automobile fault Diagnosis
Lubricants and other Fluids change services Automatic and Manual Transmission repair
Gearbox and Clutch Maintenance and repair Brake change and other Braking System repair
OEM Exhaust System Repair (muffler, catalytic converter) Front Wheel, Rear Wheel and 4x4 Drive Train maintenance
Engine Cooling System Maintenance and Radiator flush Electrical System troubleshoot
Air Conditioning maintenance and refill Suspension System maintenance and repair
Car Safety and Inspection Complete Engine and Head Rebuilding

At Ming Auto we use special diagnostic tools along with technical information systems to help determine and quickly find the reason why your car is not running smoothly. Our auto repair technicians are highly trained to repair and replace damaged or broken parts efficiently, saving you time and money. At Ming Auto we strive to deliver quality and great service for any and all your car repair needs. Our services can provide you with a dealer alternative repair option for your automobile along with reasonable rates.


If you do not see your vehicle manufacturer or service that your vehicle requires, please contact us.

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